Digital Music Distribution Close-Down / Global Take-Down of Your Catalog

Digital Music Distribution Close-Down / Global Take-Down of Your Catalog
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Dear Music Label Clients,

Worldwide digital music distribution has over the last 15 years become ultra-big and ultra-complex business. End-to-end compliance towards the music streaming services’ content formatting restrictions, towards the banks’ MiFiD rules (in terms of money laundering), and towards the music rights organizations’ all-things copyright etc. have grown continually tougher and tougher.

KJER Technology is simply too small an actor, and our primary US-based content aggregator’s latest major catalog clean-up has put an end to that part of our business. Furthermore, our clients probably haven’t accumulated sufficient sales to make this particular aggregator want to keep them. Let’s be honest – the profit of music streaming is not similar to that of yesterday’s music downloading. Which was not great either. Unfortunately.

It is what it is. :o/

We are going to continue to offer our separate IT consultancy services to enterprises within IT migration & decommissioning projects, IT business process documentation, IT project management, IT data analytics and the like, however, we are forced to draw the line here and pull the plug as to digital music distribution.

Consequently, a global take-down of our catalog will be actioned, effectively by March 4th 2019.

If you are one of our loyal music label clients through the past 15 years, I just wrote you a very personal e-mail. You know who you are! We would like to say many, many thousand thanks for the good and solid collaboration over the years. Thank you very much!

On behalf of the team, I wish you all the best!



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